School Staff

Audley is an expanding school with over 800 pupils on roll at any time. We therefore have a large number of both teaching and support staff.

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs H Wheeldon Executive Headteacher
Mrs A Williams Deputy Headteacher
Mr D Johnston Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Killen Assistant Headteacher
Miss D Wright Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Nicol Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Callaghan Assistant Headteacher
Miss A Turnbull Assistant Headteacher
Miss R Burman Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Blackwell Nursery Leader
Mrs M Barker Reception Teacher
Miss D Kanji Reception Teacher
Miss K Cheema Reception Teacher
Mrs M Keen Reception Teacher
Mrs L Simpson Reception Teacher
Mr J Keyte Year 1 Teacher
Mrs F Wilde Year 1 Teacher
Mrs M Chaudhry Year 1 Teacher
Mrs S Begum Year 2 Teacher
Mrs S Wilkes Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Liaqat Year 2 Teacher
Mrs R Coton Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Majeed Year 2 Teacher
Mrs N Butler Year 3 Teacher
Miss M Eden Year 3 Teacher
Mrs M Abukar Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Islam Year 3 Teacher
Miss T Whitehouse Year 4 Teacher
Mr Z Ajaib Year 4 Teacher
Mrs K Thomas Year 4 Teacher
 Miss J Stanworth Year 4 Teacher
Mr L Dewell Year 5 Teacher
Mr E Williams Year 5 Teacher
Mr J Yeomans Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Begum Year 5 Teacher
Mrs R Nandra Year 6 Teacher
Miss J Vaughan Year 6 Teacher
Miss L Aliya Year 6 Teacher
Miss L Townsend Year 6 Teacher
Mrs J Aston Year 6 Teacher
Mrs K Barlow Management Cover
Mrs R Brahim French/ PPA Cover
Miss K Whipps Central Coaching/ PPA Cover
Miss C O’Brien Central Coaching/ PPA Cover
Mrs J Cronin CP/Pastoral Care Manager
Mrs L Digennaro Pupil/Family Support Worker
Mrs E Myles School Business Manager
Mrs J Holland HR Manager
Miss J Cobbett Admissions Officer
Mrs S Oualla Senior Office Manager
Mrs N Thorne PA to SENco
Mrs K Sheehan Attendance Officer
Miss J Whelan Attendance Officer
Miss K Perrow Head Receptionist
Ms L Tench Clerical Assistant
Mr S McDade Network Technician
Miss S Musarat Teaching Assistant
Miss D Green Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Greenway Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Rimmer Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Stanton Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Birdi Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Walker Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Chubb Teaching Assistant
Miss J Greaves Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Asghar Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Donnelly Teaching Assistant
Mrs L White Teaching Assistant
Miss L Hipkiss Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Mumtaz Teaching Assistant
Miss L McFadden Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ballaam Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Treacy Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Woodhall Teaching Assistant
Ms S McQuigg Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lambert-Sadler Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Iqbal Teaching Assistant
Mrs T McDade HLTA
Mrs S Masmoudi Teaching Assistant
Miss D Evans Teaching Assistant
Miss D King Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Reed Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Nicholas HLTA
Mrs M Britt Teaching Assistant
Miss A Marlowe Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Ali Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Phillps Teaching Assistant
Ms L Quinn HLTA
Mrs A Mann HLTA
Mrs K Boylan HLTA
Mrs S Brookes Speech and Language
Mrs N Zaman EAL Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Ciortescu EAL Teaching Assistant
Mrs S McFadden Site Manager
Mrs L Lees Cleaner
Mrs J Lees Cleaner
Mrs P Mobley Cleaner
Miss D Williams Cleaner
Mrs Y Slater Cleaner