Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 is a very busy and exciting year for the children. At this time in their school lives children are learning to become more independent and mature – readying themselves for year 6 and beyond!

Throughout the year, we will be taking part in many exciting events and experience! In the Autumn term we will study Monsterology and look at the human life cycle, the life cycle of an amphibian, changes in state and locations across the world. During this topic, we will be visited by a ‘mad’ scientist who will help us conduct some weird and wonderful experiments!

In the spring term, we begin our topic of Alice In Wonderland during which we will explore the exciting world of Alice and her eccentric friends. We are fortunate enough to be able to look at Birmingham’s theatre history, including the Hippodrome which we will visit to see a production of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Wonderland’.

Other topics from year 5 include Wild Weather and Space – during which we will experience the landing of a strange vehicle. Our grand finale for the summer term is The Saxons and Vikings where we will experience a visitor from many years ago to inform us all about his life.

Many Thanks,

From the Year 5 Team