Hello from Year 4!

In Year 4, we have a curriculum that encourages children to develop their

knowledge and understanding of the wider world. We want children to have an

enquiring mind and to  think creatively. The curriculum will be fun, with plenty of

opportunities for independent learning.


During mathematics lessons, the lessons will begin with a problem. These mathematical problems will usually be a question that children will be required to think about. Throughout the lesson, children will be given time to discuss the reasoning process with their peers. Work will be challenging and, often, children will be able to choose the level of difficulty for themselves. Homework will mainly be focussed on consolidation of the week’s learning. By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know their times tables, up to 12 x 12.


For English, the work will be linked to our topic. Children will begin each new unit with   a cold task. Over the coming weeks, children will be taught the skills needed to   improve their writing and the unit will close with a hot task that will show progression   in writing. Homework will be linked to the current topic and children are strongly   encouraged to do independent research.


All children will have the opportunity to visit Brighouse, where they will enjoy spending time in the countryside. Children will be taken on a nature walk, where they will be asked challenging questions that promote independent thought. Children will also enjoy working with their peers when asked to solve problems. The aim of this trip is for children to experience the countryside and to develop their independence skills. Termly, children will also visit Castle Bromwich Gardens, where they will benefit from experiencing this beautiful location in different seasons.


If you need additional support or advice, please see your child’s class teacher – we are always there to help.

Many thanks, Team Year 4