Welcome to Year 3

We are the start of Key Stage 2. Due to this, we link closely with Years 2 and 4 to ensure that there is consistency in the children’s learning. Our classrooms are very child friendly and cosy. You will find an interactive whiteboard, a welcoming reading corner to relax and indulge a thirst for books and displays to help the children’s learning.

Throughout year three, we cover a wide range of interesting, cross-curricular topics. Autumn term sees a walk back in time to the Stone Age. Here we learn about everyday life, animals that existed and important inventions of the time. We even receive a visit from the Stone Age Man. All this is linked through the study of Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

Autumn 2 is Lights, camera, action where we explore the fantastic world of Harry Potter through the first of J.K. Rowling’s novels. Pupils look at the making of the film through examining the text, camera angles, characters and all things Potter. We even make wands, potions and learn to play Quidditch. All this excitement is culminated in a trip to  Warner Brother Studios in Watford.

In Spring 1, we look at the world of robots. Specifically the children look at the mechanics involved and the interesting uses of these machines. We also investigate how robotics and technology has progressed over time.

Spring 2 is another walk through history as we take our focus to the Celts. Here we investigate Celtic origins, Celtic myths, beliefs and settlements. Artwork involves making our own Torc bracelets and creating Celtic patterns.

The first half of summer term is a wonderful investigation into the Rainforest. Children explore the animals that live in the various layers, resources from the rainforest, tribes, location and the debate revolving around rainforest destruction.

Summer 2 brings us closer to home as we explore the history of Birmingham. Children thoroughly enjoy the experience of investigating their local area and how it changed through different eras. A trip to Birmingham Town Centre allows pupils to see landmarks, visit the art gallery and experience a barge ride.