Each year we produce a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which shows what we want to achieve during the year and how we plan to do it.

We use information from pupil and parent questionnaires, data from test results and information from self-evaluation to make decisions about what should be included in the plan.

At the start of the year, staff and governors meet to look at all the information gathered and suggest actions and targets for the plan. The SIP is written by the Senior Leadership Team and Subject Leaders before being agreed by staff and governors. Throughout the Year, the plan is reviewed to ensure we are on track to meet our targets.

Priorities for this year:

1. Improve Achievement through:

Improving standards in Reading through implementing  Accelerated Reader and improving the teaching of reading across the school.

Improve standards in Maths through developing a problem solving approach to mathematics.

Ensure our children are prepared for the new statutory tests through implementing a ‘reasoning/problem solving’ approach to learning across the curriculum.

Improve the outcomes from the “Audley Guarantee” so that the impact upon standards is planned for and can be seen.

Utilising pupil premium money to improve achievement through extra support, effective monitoring and moderation.

Improve our performance in sporting competitions through deploying a sports leader to improve lifestyles and participation.

Work alongside the MAT to share good practice.


  1. Improve Quality of teaching and learning through:

Continuing to work with a Literacy consultant and a dedicated teacher for reading to improve the teaching of reading

Delivering training for all staff on the teaching of reading and the Accelerated Reading programme.

Continuing to work with a Maths consultant to improve the teaching of mathematics – specifically teaching which will develop problem solving and creativity

Deliver training on improving maths teaching, specifically in reasoning and the use of visual maths (using materials such as numicon)

Develop our curriculum into a ‘reasoning or problem solving’ curriculum alongside the work we did in previous years.

Teachers in each year group to become maths, writing or reading ambassadors and focus upon planning for these areas.

To develop our assessment system so that staff have the best information to plan from.


  1. Improve Leadership and Management through:

Ensuring there is adequate planning time and resource to develop a ‘reasoning’ approach to curriculum design

Ensuring that planning support and work with consultants are clearly timetabled and sacrosanct.

Ensure that monitoring standards in books, lessons and assessment follow the clear timetable set up by RM

Develop Performance Management so that Year Groups have common targets for improvement.

Ensure that RE and Collective worship is improved and that there are clear links to British Values.

Deploy key staff to lead on Reading and Sport.

Ensure that middle leaders have appropriate training either in-house, through the MAT or through the teaching leaders programme.

Continue to provide NQT, and post NQT CPD programme in order to ensure that their teaching is consistently at least good or better.

Ensure that all class teachers are leaders in their own right and are able to take responsibility for specific areas of the curriculum.

Ensure that all staff drive an improvement in standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

To work alongside MAT colleagues to develop our practice. This will include joining groups such as the Bursar group, leadership groups etc


  1. Improve behaviour and safety of pupils through:

To ensure behaviour continues to improve through a consistent and unrelenting focus upon our values and “Good to be Green”

To have more stringent consequences for poor behaviour including a named member of SLT for each phase’s consequence.

To ensure that bullying related to lifestyle, family or relationships is not tolerated and that children learn about difference.

Ensuring all work is of the highest quality and that all children demonstrate pride in their school and their work.

To improve the school site so that pupils can be proud of the school they attend.

To develop the links with RE, our school values and DOTCOM

Improve lunchtime provision through greater staff ratios, improved play spaces and training.

Develop the house system to encourage pride, participation and positive behaviours