Welcome to Year 6, the final year for children at Audley Primary.

Throughout this year, the dedicated teaching staff provide children with essential knowledge, skills and techniques in order for them to achieve success during SATs tests in May.

Pupils are encouraged to become independent by having an individual timetable to follow, as they will in secondary school. They respond well to the focussed teaching groups and work extremely hard to achieve their targets, whilst looking forward to performing in their Year 6 production, having an end of year trip and a summer ball!

In the first half term of autumn, our ‘Britain at War’ topic allows Year 6 pupils to learn about events during World War II. A residential trip to Bell Heath or a day trip to RAF Cosford enables them to appreciate what life was like back then.

During the second half term, in our topic ‘Post War Britain,’ we learn about the impact of World War II and the changes that happened because of it. We also research music and fashion across the decades.

In the spring term, in our ‘Adventuring’ topic, we learn about mountains and rivers and we look at the achievements of adventurers from the past and present.

In the first half term of the summer, our topic is ‘Man, Myth or Monster,’ where we consider the reality of creatures from myths and legends and we use our imaginations to recount events as monster hunters.

The final half term is ‘What does the future hold?’ This is when Year 6 pupils prepare for their transition to secondary school. They have an opportunity to spend a day at their secondary school where they have lessons, eat lunch and meet staff and peers.

This is an exciting and challenging year for our pupils, which prepares them for their move to secondary school.

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