Welcome to Year 5!

During the year we offer some fantastic opportunities for the children to develop and see and learn new things, whilst preparing them for Year 6 through an enquiring, creative curriculum.

We take a cross curricular approach aiming to integrate as many of the subjects as possible which allows the children to experience a wider range of learning opportunities. We make our lessons exciting and engaging and offer children the opportunity to access rich, memorable experiences.

Some of the topics we cover across the foundation subjects are:

  • The lifecycles of plants
  • Keeping fit and healthy
  • The Tudors
  • The Greeks
  • Space
  • Changing state
  • Growing up

During our Science topics we conduct exciting investigations and build on our enquiry skills.

We also make links with a primary school in Spain as part of our Geography unit ‘contrasting localities’ where we compare England to other countries looking for similarities and differences. Children have the opportunity to write to and email other primary school children to support them with this Topic.

In Numeracy we revisit areas previously covered such as number work, shape and space and handling data. In Literacy we cover a variety of genres and units such as persuasion, significant authors such as Jacqueline Wilson, poetry, instructional texts and much more.

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